Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson refuse to let illness dictate their lives in the Five Feet Apart trailer. Sprouse and Richardson star as a pair of teenagers, Will Newman and Stella Grant, respectively, who both have cystic fibrosis. The two meet at a hospital and fall in love, though they cannot touch each other. Their lives are based on strict guidelines and routines that are completely different from the average teenager's life.

The first trailer for Five Feet Apart shows that there's an instant flirtation when Will Newman and Stella Grant meet for the first time, even though restrictions dictate that they must maintain a safe distance between them. As their connection begins to grow, the temptation to ditch the rules and embrace that attraction also grows. However, Will has started to rebel against taking his medication, which makes their relationship even more dangerous. As the trailer progresses, it looks like Stella is able to convince Will to get back on his meds and they become closer.

Riverdale star Cole Sprouse's portrayal of Will Newman in Five Feet Apart is sure to bring the tears. There's a definite chemistry between the actor and Haley Lu Richardson, and it looks like the romantic drama will be a big hit upon its release next year. The trailer already teases some tear jerking moments, which will only be magnified when seen in the theater. Watching the two characters battle cystic fibrosis in order to be together might not end how everybody wants it to when the credits role.

In a recent interview, Cole Sprouse talked about taking on the role of playing a character with cystic fibrosis in Five Feet Apart. The young actor went out of his way to try and portray his character with great care in order to get the accuracy down. He had this to say.

"There are some roles that carry a real responsibility for accurate representation, this was one of them. Some say the currency of poetry is the acceptance of other poets, and I desire no audience more greatly than those who resonate with the challenges shown by the characters of this film. It's my hope that we did them justice. This was all for you guys."

Director Justin Baldoni revealed that he got the idea for the film after talking to one of his friends who has cystic fibrosis about dating. Baldoni says they talked about the complications that the disease can have on trying to maintain relationships, which influenced Five Feet Apart.

Five Feet Apart is directed by Justin Baldoni from a script written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. In addition to Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson, the film also stars Moises Arias, Kimberly Hébert Gregory, Paraminder Nagra, and Claire Forlani. Five Feet Apart is produced by Cathy Schulman and Justin Baldoni. You can watch the heartbreaking first trailer for the movie below, thanks to the CBS Films YouTube channel.

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