Five new character posters have just arrived from Zack Snyder's upcoming action movie Sucker Punch, which hits theaters nationwide on March 25. Check out each of these one-sheets below, which features Emily Browning as Baby Doll, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie, Jena Malone as Rocket, Jamie Chung as Amber and Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea.

Sucker Punch Baby Doll Character Poster
Vanessa Hudgens is Blondie in Sucker PunchAfter our tour we were escorted to a room where we were introduced to actress {43} who plays Mrs. Gorski, the real-world psychiatrist who becomes the fantasy-world choreographer Madam Gorski. Gugino is of course best known for her roles in films like {44}, Spy Kids, {45}, {46}, and Snyder's {47}. The actress began by discussing her character's role in the film. It's interesting because my character sort of brings Baby Doll into these worlds. I, as the choreographer, play these certain pieces of music to her that transports her to this magical place and she takes over on the other side. That's what's so strange and interesting about this movie is that there are these multitudes of worlds. I am a psychiatrist in the Lennox House, in the insane asylum in the '1960s. Very Freudian-based. I kind of thought she'd be more like Carl Jung and then I started doing the research and I was like, no, for good or bad she's definitely progressive for that time. She doesn't believe in lobotomies. She's Eastern European and Polish.
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Jena Malone is Rocket in Sucker PunchAfter {68} left, we were greeted by actress {69} who plays Blondie in the film. {70}, who recently starred in the film {71}, is best known for her role in the {72} movies. {73} began by talking about the character she plays in {74}. The thing about Blondie is that her character in the brothel is a bit ditzy where you go, oh that Blondie! But in the alternate universe, she completely parallels that and turns into this complete badass with no fear and is just really the go-getter. So I kind of got to play with both dynamics of that. Since she is really playing two characters, Blondie in the real world and then her counterpart in the alternate world, Vanessa talked about keeping the storyline straight. It's been really interesting because we've had days where we would be in the brothel shooting a scene that is quite intense, tears are flying all over the place. Then we would have to switch into our fighting costumes, and run through trenches and shoot guns. But it's really interesting because I feel like a big part of what really helped with that is our costumes and our sets. Everything is so evolved and so thought of that every time I put a certain costume on, it's an instant transition because everything is so specific.
Jamie Chung is Amber in Sucker PunchVeteran actor {93} plays a character called the Wiseman in the film and we asked {94} and {95} about working with him. He's amazing. He comes in for two days every month and just blows our minds. He totally blows our minds and his costumes are better than all the girl's costumes, answered Malone. He's led such an amazing life but {96} is such an easy person because he is so happy, just there and so much fun, explained {97}. The feeling here of making this film with this cast and crew is such a friendly, family environment that when someone comes in they're instantly embraced in this cocoon of warmth and love.
Abbie Cornish is Sweet Pea in Sucker PunchWe went on to discuss with {121} all of the different influences on this film from {122} to the {123} series. We then asked the director at what point does he think inspiration becomes homage. It's weird because when you distill something down, so let's say it goes beyond, oh I like these movies. It becomes just how pop culture has sort of digested these images and things like that, said Snyder. So I'm sort of using myself as the filter of some kind. Then when we went to write it we never even went like, oh should we do like {124} here and {125} there? It was more just those influences were in us and we went, oh that would be cool.

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