Just hours after actress Peyton List signed on to play Lisa Snart, the brother of Central City baddie Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), The CW's The Flash has also added Sleepy Hollow star Nicholas Gonzalez as Dante Ramon, the older brother of Carlos Valdes' Cisco Ramon. Dante is described as a charming and gifted pianist who has always been a family favorite, despite not achieving the success he wanted. Although Dante secretly resents Cisco's success with S.T.A.R. Labs, he must depend on his brother if he wants to survive, after they are "thrust into extreme circumstances."

Nicholas Gonzalez will debut in "Rogue Time", the show's 16th episode which is also where Peyton List's Lisa Snart will appear. It isn't known if he is also booked for future episodes as well, or if this will just be a one-time appearance. Our report from earlier today revealed that Lisa Snart uses her sexuality to her advantage, which draws in Cisco. It seems likely that the brothers will tangle with the Snart siblings, Captain Cold and Golden Glider, although no specific plot details were given.

It isn't known exactly when this 16th episode will air yet, but The Flash will return from its holiday hiatus on Tuesday, January 20 at 8 PM ET with "Revenge of the Rogues", where both Captain Cold and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) are expected to expand their villainous group known as the Rogues. Nicholas Gonzalez plays Detective Luke Morales on Sleepy Hollow, and he has also recently appeared on CW's Jane the Virgin, ABC's Modern Family and Netflix's Bojack Horseman. The actor confirmed the casting with the following tweet earlier today.