Yesterday, we reported that The Flash star Grant Gustin has teased a big twist coming up at the end of Season 1 regarding the Scarlet Speedster's main nemesis, Reverse Flash. We already know from the midseason finale, "The Man in the Yellow Suit", that Barry Allen's mentor Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh is Reverse Flash. Today we get a new look at early concept art from John Gallagher that shows a different look at Reverse Flash's costume.

This proposed costume is slightly different from the costume shown in "The Man in the Yellow Suit", and the solid yellow color in the concept art is somewhat different from the set photos revealed back in October. The costume revealed by Harrison Wells in "The Man in the Yellow Suit" also had black visors over the eyes and mouth portion of the mask, which we don't see here. Still, these minor differences aside, it looks like John Gallagher's artwork heavily informed the final look of the costume.

The Flash returns with the midseason premiere, "Revenge of the Rogues", airing Tuesday, January 20 at 8 PM ET on The CW. Check out the artwork below, and we also have the clip from "The Man in the Yellow Suit" where Harrison Wells reveals the Reverse Flash costume.