Many fans have questioned just how DC's movie universe ties into the empire Warner Bros. and the comic book giant are building on the small screen. While there are no less than twenty movies heading to theaters throughout the rest of this decade, DC also has a list of TV projects that just continues to grow. Two already established series are The CW's The Flash and Arrow. And while DC creative chief Geoff Johns has explained that all of these properties exist in what is being billed as a multiverse, Arrow star Stephen Amell still thinks his CW cast mate Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen in the newly launched hit The Flash, should have gotten the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2 and The Flash standalone movie as well.

That doesn't mean Ezra Miller shouldn't also have a crack at bringing this iconic DC comics character to life. In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Stephen Amell was asked, 'If Green Arrow gets his own movie, should you be the first asked to take on the role for the big screen?'

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Here is his response:

"Yeah. Of course. And I feel like it should be Grant doing the movie. But the important thing to remember is just because Grant Gustin plays the part of Barry Allen doesn't mean Ezra Miller can't also play Barry Allen. There can be different interpretations of the character. Anyone who is a fan of the comics knows the Flash character is one of the forces that leads to parallel universes."

Playing it diplomatic, the actor doesn't balk at someone else stepping in to play Oliver Queen at some point:

"Who knows, they might find a fantastic actor to play Oliver Queen on the feature side who has a different take on the character. I'm certainly a departure from the typical Oliver Queen from the comic books. I just think that everybody needs to be patient with the whole thing. The fact that DC and Warner have announced all these comic book features is nothing but good for business."

Stephen Amell was also asked if he is ever going to make his leap to the big screen, or if he is content just playing the role of Green Arrow on TV for the time being. He answers:

"I am completely indifferent. First of all, wanting a movie undersells the idea that making 23 episodes a year isn't a huge achievement. It is, and I would put that degree of difficulty up against any feature film that has ever been made... except Lord of the Rings and that gigantic Peter Jackson-led undertaking... and maybe Titanic. But, other than those two movies, I'd put making 23 hours of interesting content in a TV season up against anything on the film side. It is difficult to me to want or envision an Arrow movie when we are shooting the 10th episode of our third season with 13 more episodes to go and in all likelihood 3 more seasons on the other side of that. I'm interested in keeping that content fresh. Once we get to the end of that road, maybe then I'll shift my focus."

What is your take on this? Should Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell be the ones bringing Green Arrow and The Flash to the big screen?