Warner Bros. is still trying to get The Flash movie going, after suffering major setbacks, including losing several directors and rewriting the script. It looks like things may finally be coming together, though, as the studio has reportedly narrowed their director search, and it is now a two-horse-race, with both names being rather big. It looks like the studio's top two choices are Back to the Future helmer Robert Zemeckis, and Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn.

This is not just hearsay, mind you. Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. has been considering both directors for The Flash for a while now, with The Wrap corroborating the Robert Zemeckis news, saying he is the studio's top choice for the job. However, Variety notes that his schedule is an issue, as he is scheduled to shoot an untitled movie with Steve Carrell this August, and Warner Bros. hopes to get The Flash "off the ground" by the end of the year. Should Zemeckis' schedule ultimately become too much to work around, the studio could offer the job to Vaughn, but that isn't a guarantee either.

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The report also points out that Matthew Vaughn is busy finishing work on Kingsman: The Golden Circle for Fox. If that goes well, and all indications are that it will, the director wants to do a third Kingsman movie. There is little or no chance that Fox would want to wait for Matthew Vaughn to finish making another huge superhero movie for a rival studio before pulling the trigger on Kingsman 3, so that could definitely get in the way. But despite some hurdles, these are the guys that could wind up bringing The Flash solo movie to the big screen.

Robert Zemeckis' name came up recently for The Flash, but at the time it was only being regarded as a rumor. Now it looks like, if the scheduling works out, he will be the guy. Either way, be it Zemeckis or Vaughn, they are both great directors with their own style that would lend some serious credibility to the project. Though, they are both very different directors, so we could be looking at two pretty different movies here, depending on who winds up with the gig. That said, no offers have been made, so it could come to pass that neither director gets the job and the search will continue.

The DCEU has been riddled with problems, but The Flash has been one of the most problematic projects thus far. Dope director Rick Famuyiwa was most recently attached to direct the movie, with him doing some work on the script as well. However, he departed over creative differences. Before him, it was The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller who, after spending a good chunk of time developing The Flash movie, moved on to direct the Han Solo movie for Disney and Lucasfilm instead. Warner Bros. then decided to hire Joby Harold to do a "page-one" rewrite of the script earlier this year. Prior to that, the movie had been slotted for a March 16, 2018, release date. That is no longer happening, but Warner Bros. still wants to get the movie going as soon as they can.

Ezra Miller is still set to play Barry Allen/Flash in the movie, after first playing the character in Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17. He will first film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2, which will give Warner Bros. some time to get things sorted out. Namely, hiring a director. And, hopefully, one that actually sticks around this time. It sounds like they have a couple of outstanding candidates, we'll just have to wait and see if they can make it work logistically.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott