The Flash movie will have to be something unique and very special if fans are going to care about it. The problem rests in the fact that The CW is doing a great job with its weekly TV series based on the same DC comic book. How is Warner Bros. attempting a new spin on something that is currently still very much in the pop consciousness? They are hiring The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street directors to come up with a story treatment, fleshing out an idea that will work on the big screen. One that couldn't possibly be achieved with the smaller budget of the show.

It was reported earlier in the week that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were being pursued to direct The Flash, which already has Ezra Miller attached to star and a firm 2018 release date in place. The duo hasn't signed on as directors yet, but they are working on the movie behind the scenes. They are creating the story treatment right now, which follows a hero who can break the speed of light and time travel. The character was first created in the 1940s, and is part of Justice League. Its assumed that Ezra Miller will first appear in Justice League Part 1 in 2017, a year before the solo movie comes out. Its also speculated, but has never been confirmed, that we'll get our first sneak peek at the popular DC comics character's big screen debut at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next spring.

Warner Bros. desperately hopes that Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be able to take The Flash to a 'totally different dimension'. While THE CW series follows the adventures of Barry Allen, it isn't known if the movie will use the same character, or instead introduce Wally West. It has already been teased that Wally West will show up in The Flash Season 2. While Phil Lord and Chris Miller have not confirmed that they will be directing the movie for Warner Bros. and DC, they have not yet decided on their next project. They are producing 23 Jump Street, and may decide to direct that instead. It is also believed that they are wanted for Sony's second Ghostbusters movie, which would reportedly star Channing Tatum. They are also continuing to help sheppard The Lego Movie spinoffs Ninjago, The LEGO Batman Movie and The Lego Movie Sequel, while also producing a reboot of The Greatest American Hero for TV.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange