Last month, it was revealed that The CW's hit series The Flash will introduce a time travel element in the 15th episode. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the show's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased more details about the show, revealing that it combines both the good and bad aspects of time travel. Here's what he had to say, teasing that the episode will be a mashup of The Terminator and Back to The Future.

"There's an episode coming up where there is inadvertent connection to the Speed Force that results in probably our funniest hour as well as our darkest hour as the dangers of time travel come to light. It's a mashup between Back to The Future and Terminator-the good version of time travel and the bad version of time travel."

Series star Grant Gustin added that the episode will also be influenced by the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day, teasing that Barry Allen's first trip through time was by accident.

"It's a complete accident the first time [he time travels]. It's really confusing because now we're playing with timelines and we're having to shoot things a couple different ways. It's like a Groundhog Day-type element. It's really funny and really exciting."

The actor added that, at first, Barry doesn't handle his time-travelling experience very well, until he comes to a very important realization.

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"He's not handling it incredibly well. It's freaking him out a little bit. He realizes, 'Holy shit, this an opportunity to change things with my family's past.' He doesn't know yet to maybe not do that, but that's where Barry's at when he realizes what he's just learned that he can do, that he can maybe save his mom."

Several fans have theorized that the adult version of Barry was also present during the night of his mother's murder, since young Barry was mysteriously "whisked away from the house." With this new time travel element in play, Grant Gustin wouldn't confirm or deny this theory, when asked if Barry protected his younger self from the Reverse Flash.

"That's a good theory."

Our report from last month revealed that the episode will mark the debut of Liam McIntyre's Weather Wizard, and it is believed that this episode will set up several other trips through time throughout the first season. Andrew Kreisberg would only tease that this episode will change everything on The Flash.

"After that episode, things are never going to be the same on The Flash."

The Flash continues its first season run tonight with "Crazy For You", airing at 8 PM ET on The CW, although an air date has not been given for this time travel episode yet. What do you think about Barry travelling through time? Chime in with your thoughts below.