The Flash Season 1 is hailed by many as the greatest superhero TV show finale of all time. It certainly raised the bar for everything that will come in its wake. Yet, one of the most exciting moments for fans was a small one. The appearance of original Flash Jay Garrick's helmet sent chills through the spine of every longtime DC Comics reader. Was it it possible that The CW series was about to introduce this iconic Golden Age hero? Yes, it is possible!

During yesterday's DC Entertainment: From Page to Screen panel at Comic-Con, The Flash executive producer Geoff Johns arrived to tease fans about the impending The Flash Season 2. And he assures everyone that Garrick's helmet wasn't merely a flashy trick to throw-off his audience. He told the excited crowd some very interesting and welcome news.

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"That's not an Easter egg, that's a story point. We're going to see Jay."

Don't expect a further explanation, though. All will be reveled in The Flash Season 2. Though it is not yet known at what point Jay Garrick will show up. With as much fan excitement as there is surrounding the character's appearance, you can expect it to be in one of the later Sweeps episodes. Possible the mid-season finale.

In the original DC Comics, Jay Garrick was responsible for Barry Allen adopting The Flash identity. Barry identified with the character after reading an issue of the classic comic book. The two eventually met in those same comic book pages, when it was revealed that they populate parallel Earths, Earth-1 and Earth-2, respectively. Barry and Jay became good friends, and it sounds like the same direction this show is set to take, as it explores the small screen DC Comics parallel universes, which may even bleed into the cinematic side of things, explaining why there is another Barry Allen in the big screen version of The Flash set to hit in 2018. The idea of multiple Flash universes is certainly exciting to fans, and we'll get our first tease of how this will all play out when The Flash Season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 6 on The CW.

The Flash Jay Garrick Helmet