Back in January, during the TCA winter tour, The CW announced that filmmaker Kevin Smith has come aboard to direct an unspecified Season 2 episode of The Flash, although no details about the episode were revealed. Earlier this week, production on the currently untitled episode began in Vancouver, and Kevin Smith has been sharing photos from the set through his Instagram page. On Wednesday, the filmmaker sent out a rather interesting photo, featuring himself alongside his Clerks co-star and hetero-lifemate Jason Mewes, teasing that they both may be reprising their roles as Jay and Silent Bob in this episode. Here's what the filmmaker had to say on Instagram.

"Went for some coffee at #ccjitters and found @jayandsilentbob loitering in front of the store. Yesterday was a productive Day 2 on the episode of The Flash that I'm "directing", with the cast, crew & I shooting four different scenes in the Cortex and Medical Bay at #StarLabs! I call it "directing" because neither cast nor crew need my guidance here to make something great. We shot some big little scenes yesterday that will break your heart and speed-force it back together again in that way only The Flash can. I love this show, so seeing how it really happens behind the scenes has been nothing short of thrilling. We start Day 3 of 8 in a couple of hours..."

The filmmaker didn't confirm whether or not his beloved characters Jay and Silent Bob will be featured in the episode, and it's possible that Jason Mewes was merely visiting the set. Over the past few days, Kevin Smith has also shared other photos from the set, including one featuring part of the call sheet, which reveals that his episode will be the 21st of the season and a photo with the director and the villainous Zoom. Yesterday, the filmmaker posted a photo with himself and series star Grant Gustin, which was accompanied with the following message.

"Me and my hero. I got to "direct" #TheFlash himself yesterday and shoot the suit! The costume looks breathtaking in real life but it's nothing without the wearer. And that wearer is the great @grantgust - who was a joy to watch work. The story of @cwtheflash is the journey of Barry Allen - so you have to care about Barry for the show to work at all. The beauty of this marriage of performer and part is that Grant Gustin brings a vulnerability and humanity to Barry which elevates a series that could be written off by the uninitiated as "that show where the guy runs fast" to must-see TV. We live in a world where we get to see all of our comic book heroes come to life on both the silver and cyber screens. And of all the actors and actresses playing men and women of mystery (a weird, wonderful yet difficult genre to pull off) Grant and his pitch-perfect portrayal of Barry Allen stands shoulder-to-costumed-shoulder with other masters-of-their-masks such as #robertdowneyjr and #adamwest and #ryanreynolds. I love an actor or actress whose work is so strong it can bring me to tears - and if you've ever seen that video of me watching #Flash on my #KevinSmith #youtube channel, you know that I can #BawlBarryBawl over this show like a big baby bitch. I'm as invested in Grant's Barry as I am in some blood family members; in my book, that means the kid elevates the genre. Yesterday was Day 3 of 8, so when we wrap today we'll be halfway done shooting the episode I'm directing. We're shooting a scene today that timely ties into something special from one of my favorite Season 1 episodes. As a storyteller for the week, I'm keen to do the material and the cast & crew justice... But as a fan of the show, I'm freaking out about this deep cuts callback! The other night, we got to add an iconic (and tasty) location to the Flash universe but today? I get to sorta go back in time! I can't tell you how happy all this shit makes me..."

The episode Kevin Smith is directing was written by Zack Stentz, who is no stranger to superhero stories, having written the scripts for Thor and X-Men: First Class with his writing partner Ashley Miller. The director starts his fifth day of an eight-day shoot today, so stay tuned for more photos from the set. Take a look at the photos posted by director Kevin Smith from his episode of The Flash. Would you like to see Jay and Silent Bob make an appearance in Central City?