The Flash Season 2 is set to start shooting later this summer with scripts already written as the entire season gets plotted out. While there will be some big surprises coming in the back-half of Season 2, we can expect the first couple of returning episodes to be epic in nature as well. In fact, the 'Big Bad' of this run will be introduced very early on, setting up an arc that may last through all 23 episodes. Collider caught up with star Grant Gustin, who offered a tease of what we can expect to see when The Flash Season 2 debuts this October. He states the following.

"[We'll be] introducing a really cool 'Big Bad' that's going to be revealed kind of immediately."
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Grant Gustin was at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards to accept his win for 'Breakthrough Performance' in the first season of The Flash. While he teased that the main villain is showing up very early on, he does not go onto reveal who this character is, or if we'll recognize him from the DC Comics. Tom Cavanagh's Reverse-Flash served as The Flash Season 1 villain, and he is confirmed to return at some point in The Flash Season 2. It's possible that Reverse-Flash and this new unnamed villain will team up. Grant Gustin went onto express his excitement for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which we just reported has been delayed from January 2016 and pushed into Spring of next year. About his involvement, Grant Gustin reveals he'll be showing up on that show very early on, as teased in the tailer.

"I'm going to be a part of that right out of the gates as well. I get to be Flash on three TV shows. I was unemployed a year and a half ago, so that's pretty cool."

Grant Gustin seems to confirm another crossover with Arrow is happening, but no official details about that have been revealed. Are you super excited about The CW having three epic DC Comics TV shows? And who do you think The Flash Season 2 big bad will be? Check out the interview here.

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