'You want me? You're going to have to catch me!' The Fall TV season is almost here. And undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated returns is The Flash, which kicks off Season 2 this October. The CW has unleashed a cool new teaser which brings us the first footage from these all-new episodes. While it may be short, the sneak peek does give us our first look at a new DC Comics villain making his debut on the show this year.

In the first few episodes of The Flash Season 2, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will have to face off against iconic DC villain Atom Smasher. The role is played by former WWE Superstar Edge, otherwise known as Adam Copeland. This latest trailer promises a bigger, badder and much faster Flash. It also shows off a new gadget that may raise some eyebrows...Is that 'The Flash' signal?

Adam Copeland's Atom Smasher will be introduced in the Season 2 premier titled The Man Who Saved Central City. The character made his first DC Comics appearance in All-Star Squadron #25, way back in 1983. Atom Smasher's history is long and complicated. He's fought against Justice Society of America, Infinity, Inc., and even the Suicide Squad. Atom Smasher is the godson of the Golden Age Atom, and grandson of Cyclotron. He has super strength and body growth. The Flash Season 2 marks the character's first-ever live action appearance. Though, Atom Smasher has shown up on the animated series Justice League Unlimited. He was also featured in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game.

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In the DC Comics universe, Barry Allen has his own complicated history with Atom Smasher, also known by his real name Albert Rothstein. During Barry's particle accelerator accident in The Flash Season 1, it is revealed that one of the many casualties is actually Al Rothstein. During this year's Comic-Con, it was revealed that Atom Smasher is just one of many particle accelerator-fueld characters who will pop up in Central City this year. And they all have it out for our titular hero.

The Flash Signal in this latest teaser trailer is clearly paying homage to Batman and his Bat-Signal. This isn't the first time The CW has borrowed inspiration from Bruce Wayne in recreating their superhero mythos. There have also been plenty of nods to the caped crusader on Arrow. The original Bat-Signal dates all the way back to February 1942, where it first appeared in the Golden Age Detective Comics #60.

It's quite clear that everything is getting accelerated for Arrow Season 2. The new episodes will continue to expand The CW's DC TV Universe, which also includes Arrow and the 2016 spinoff DC's Legends of Tomorrow. We're sure to see plenty of more characters ripped right out of the pages of DC's more iconic comic books in the coming months on all three shows. The Flash Season 2 kicks things off in style on Tuesday, October 6, at 8PM on The CW. Arrow Season 4 debuts the very next day on Wednesday, October 7, at 8PM on The CW. DC's Legends of Tomorrow doesn't have a set premiere, but is expected to arrive sometime in the spring.

B. Alan Orange