Many have wondered if The CW plans on bringing the DC Comics character Green Lantern into either Arrow or The Flash, since the company Ferris Air has been mentioned by name several times in both shows. There has never been any more significant hints about Green Lantern's arrival though...But that all changed in last night's episode of The Flash, "Rogue Air". In the episode, Barry (Grant Gustin) teams up with his nemesis Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), as they both meet with several other members of Team Flash at the abandoned Ferris Air facility. When Captain Cold mentions that he thought this place got shot down, Barry said that one of their test pilots disappeared, which is of course very similar to Hal Jordan's origin as Green Lantern.

There have been rumors in the past that both Arrow or The Flash will form their own small screen version of the Justice League, and if Green Lantern does end up joining The Flash, it would be hard to discount those rumors. There is one more episode of The Flash left this season, "Fast Enough", so it's possible that there could be a surprise reveal of the new Green Lantern then. This seemingly-innocent line could also provide a setup for an upcoming story line in Season 2, but nothing has been confirmed about the upcoming season at this time.

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Warner Bros. is currently prepping for their own new big screen reboot of Green Lantern, which won't hit theaters until 2020. There has been talk that the studio is considering using the Jon Stewart version of the character, instead of Hal Jordan, who was played by Ryan Reynolds in the studio's failed 2011 Green Lantern movie. Whichever version of the character they use, it certainly wouldn't conflict with The Flash version, since WB is also developing The Flash for the big screen with Ezra Miller set to star. Do you think CW's The Flash should bring in Green Lantern? Check out the scene from last night's episode, and let us know what you think below.