Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond has certainly had an interesting character arc on The Flash this season. The fiancee of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) was seemingly killed early on, before re-emerging as one half of the powerful Firestorm. Tonight's episode, "The Nuclear Man", will finally give fans more insight about how Ronnie and Victor Garber's Martin Stein literally come together as Firestorm. Robbie Amell' recently spoke with before tonight's "The Nuclear Man", revealing that he was a bit upset when the first Firestorm images were released, since it doesn't fully reflect the costume.

"I was actually a little upset when they posted the pictures that they did of the costumes. It really just happens to be the jacket that Robbie's wearing when the splicer's put on. The splicer is removable in our version of the character. Whatever he's wearing at the time can be turned into the costume. I'm sure down the road, there will be a legit costume but for the time being, it's just whatever he's wearing at the time when the splicer's put on and then it's time to go to work, that happens to be the costume. That's just the clothes that he's wearing when the splicer goes on. I'm sure down the road, Cisco will make him some sort of fireproof this and - he'll do something Cisco-y and he'll have a badass costume."

The actor also teased that this fully-formed Firestorm will first square off against The Flash (Grant Gustin), while teasing another fight scene with General Eiling (Clancy Brown), although he wouldn't say much about future plans for Firestorm.

"Actually, the next person you see Firestorm fight, or face off against, is The Flash. Obviously this isn't a fight to the death or anything but this is the first fight that you've seen Firestorm really involved in because you've only seen him blast Reverse Flash at this point. So the face-off between Flash and Firestorm in the next episode, where they're just trying to help him, is really incredible. On paper, I couldn't believe that this was something we were going to shoot on television. On paper, it felt like a $150 million movie scene. I've seen little snippets of it and I couldn't be more excited to see the full fight scene. After that, you get to see a little bit of a fight scene with Firestorm and General Eiling, which is pretty cool. To be working opposite Clancy Brown and Victor Garber was like a dream come true on set. But there's no holding back with this character and it sound like I'll be back. They haven't made anything official but it sounds like I'll be back for the end of the season. And if what they're telling me about comes to be, it's going to absolutely blow people away."

Of course, we'll have to keep tuning in on Tuesday nights to see what The Flash producers have in store for Firestorm. It seems that he could certainly be on his way to becoming a heroic character, and it's possible that he could even put his skills to the test against the villainous group known as The Rogues, which includes Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell). Who would you like to see Firestorm square off against? Let us know what you think.