Barry Allen must deal with a new meta-human villain he literally can't touch in a new preview for next week's episode of The Flash, entitled "Who Is Harrison Wells?", airing Tuesday, April 21 at 8 PM ET on The CW. While we don't actually see this meta-human, known as the Everyman, we learn that he has the ability to turn himself into anyone he touches. This makes things particularly tricky for Barry, since he literally can't touch this villain, or he will risk being exposed as The Flash. Producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals that this character is interesting, since no one in particular plays Everyman, who is literally played by 20 different actors.

The producer also explains that this is yet another crossover with Arrow, as Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) head to Starling City, to investigate what really happened to Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) on the night of his car crash. Now that everyone believes that Harrison is Reverse Flash, Joe and Cisco go looking for answers. This episode also features Arrow stars Paul Blackthorne (Captain Lance) and Katie Cassidy (Black Canary), who reveals to Cisco that she knows Oliver is Arrow and Barry is The Flash.

Take a look at this video below featuring insight from Andrew Kreisberg and new footage from "Who Is Harrison Wells?", before it airs on The CW next Tuesday. There are only five episodes left in the first season of The Flash, so how do you think it will all end? Will Barry finally get revenge for his mother's death after all these years? Let us know what you think below.