Last night's series premiere of The Flash, "City of Heroes", was a huge success for The CW, drawing in 4.5 million viewers, the most-watched series premiere since The Vampire Diaries debuted in 2009. The show was the third most-watched pilot episode in CW history, behind The Vampire Diaries and 90210's debut in 2008, and it also surpassed Arrow's series premiere of 4.02 million viewers in 2012. If you can't wait seven more days to watch episode two, you're in luck, as we have a special sneak peek at next week's adventure "Fastest Man Alive".

But first, some new information about upcoming episodes has been revealed that tie directly into last night's premiere. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg broke down the final scene in "City of Heroes", featuring Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), offering a few tantalizing spoilers (so read on at your own risk...)

Harrison Wells is the man behind S.T.A.R. Labs, the facility where a particle accelerator exploded, giving Barry his super-sonic speed. Harrison was seen confined to a wheelchair throughout most of the premiere episode, until the very end, when he walks into a secret room that houses a newspaper from the future that predicts The Flash will disappear in 10 years. This event is likely inspired by the comic book Final Crisis.

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Andrew Kreisberg teases that the show is set in a world where time travel is possible through a cosmic treadmill, explaining that it will be a major aspect in the show.

"Time travel is going to play a big part in the overall series, but one of the things that we will discover is that time is mutable. As the good Doctor says, time can be rewritten, so not everything you see on the show is necessarily what's going to come to pass and not necessarily everything that's happened is fixed."

As for Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells, the character is not featured in the DC Comics, leading many fans to wonder who this character really is. Andrew Kreisberg wouldn't reveal any exact details about his identity, though.

"There's obviously more than meets the eye when you see Harrison Wells."

There are theories that Wells is actually the "Reverse-Flash" also known in the comics as Eobard Thawne, or that he is Barry Allen's future self. Another theory is that Harrison is Malcolm Thawne, Eobard's descendant and Barry's long-lost twin brother, but executive producer Greg Berlanti teases that Harrison hasn't actually lied to anyone in the show yet.

"I don't think anyone's witnessed him tell a lie yet. I think he's been very truthful about a lot of things. That will be really intriguing to watch."

Andrew Kreisberg added how difficult it has been writing scenes between Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh.

"It's hard to write these very sweet scenes between Tom and Grant, and you watch them on screen and you see the camaraderie and the friendship and the respect, but also knowing that there's something deeper going on. Sometimes that makes it exciting, sometimes it makes it sad."

And now, about that trailer for next week's episode, "Fastest Man Alive", airing Tuesday, October 14 at 8 PM ET on The CW. Here, we get our first look at Danton Black a.k.a. Multiplex (Micheal Christopher Smith), a villain who has the ability to clone himself, as Barry (Grant Gustin) begins to realize that he's gotten in way over his head as a crime-fighting vigilante.

Take a look at next week's episode, then chime in with your thoughts about all of these developments below.