The CW president Mark Pedowitz was on hand at this weekend's TCAs, where it was announced that both Arrow and The Flash have been renewed for additional seasons. Plenty of information was revealed about both shows during the presentation, but longtime DC comics fans were most interested to see the official Firestorm costume that was put on display, which will be worn by Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond in an upcoming episode. We also get a second look at the character, as Raymond and Victor Garber's Martin Stein prepare to join forces on The Flash.

Presumed dead, Ronnie Raymond returned engulfed in flame and spectacle during The Flash midseason final The Man in the Yellow Suit this past December. There have been plenty of hints on The CW series that this particular storyline is staying pretty close to the character's comic book origins. Ronnie, of course, has a fragile mental state, but it's the costume that will really bring this character alive for fans who have waited decades to see Firestorm in a live action environment. Now we finally get a hint at what that will look like.

Firestorm's official wardrobe lacks some of the flair associated with The Flash's own costume. This suit does come with a chest device that glows, but what we see here doesn't quite match-up with the costume Robbie Amell previously teased. Exactly how this costume will help Ronnie contain his powers was not revealed at the TCAs. It also isn't know if the chest piece will help the character will his flaming super powers, or if it helps with his fragile mental state. Its expected that another more advanced costume will be introduced later on, when Ronnie accepts his fate as a true superhero.

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Some believe that the suit is the first hint at a TV version of Justice League, with spinoffs discussed at the TCAs. Will Firestorm get his own spinoff? /arrow-tv-show-spinoff-atom-cw/We know that The CW is planning a spinoff of The Atom starring Brandon Routh. Take a look at the costume and let us know what you think. The Flash returns for its midseason premiere Revenge of the Rogues on January 20.

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