Over the last few weeks, The Flash movie has quickly gone from a mildly intriguing DC solo adventure, to one of the most exciting comic book movie prospects on the roster. With the recent confirmation that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be returning to the role of Batman, fans cannot wait to see how the two very different versions of the Dark Knight will factor into proceedings. Well, one talented artist has given us a glimpse of the what the final result might look like in this impressive piece of fan art.

"Every now and then, every comic book fan has their "What if" thoughts. Especially people like myself who grew up reading comic books. We all have our favorites. Especially when it comes to different incarnations. Basically, the type of a superhero depends on the writer/artist. And it's the same concept in movies as well. And when it comes to a fan favorite superhero like batman, we all have our picks. Now, I'm not gonna start a war by mentioning my favorite, because the logic behind this work is, what if, some of the top notch Batmen are combined into one shared universe? I think we all know how that's gonna look, because the upcoming flash movie will turn this fantasy into a reality."
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This imagined teaser poster for The Flash lines up Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, with both in their vastly different batsuits. The artist does not stop there though, even roping in the Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Flashpoint version of Batman, as well as Ray Fisher's Cyborg and Henry Cavill's Man of Steel. While the poster may not be real, it certainly gives us an idea of the kind of epic scope that The Flash movie will be aiming for when we join Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster for this universe-hopping exploit.

The Flash will be based on the comic arc The Flashpoint Paradox, which sees the Fastest Man Alive travel back in time in order to save his mother. However, his meddling with time finds the Flash emerging in a bleaker universe in which the Amazons and Atlanteans are at war. This alternate version of the DC universe finds Bruce Wayne dead, killed at the hands of the same criminal who murders his parents in the original timeline. This leads to Thomas Wayne taking up the mantle of Batman, and applying his own, much more violent tactics. Whilst the traditional Flashpoint version of Batman has not been confirmed (nor have Superman or Cyborg for that matter) fans can only wonder how both Affleck and Keaton's takes on the Caped Crusader will be included.

Director Andy Muschietti has already revealed some details regarding how Affleck's Bruce Wayne will fit into the movie saying, "His Batman has a dichotomy that is very strong which is his masculinity-because of the way he looks, and the imposing figure that he has, and his jawline -but he's also very vulnerable. He knows how to deliver from the inside out, that vulnerability. He just needs a story that allows him to bring that contrast, that balance."

Muschietti added, "He's a very substantial part of the emotional impact of the movie. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Affleck's Wayne will bring an emotional level that we haven't seen before. It's Barry's movie, it's Barry's story, but their characters are more related than we think. They both lost their mothers to murder, and that's one of the emotional vessels of the movie. That's where the Affleck Batman kicks in."

The Flash is due to hit theaters on June 3, 2022. This comes to us from Digital Artist Yadvender Singh Rana's official Instagram account.