While Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan have certainly made their mark on TV appearing in The Walking Dead, one subject that comes up during every interview harks back to the time the pair appeared as Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman Vs Superman, and even though Zack Snyder's reign at DC may be over, a recent chat led to that same topic being brought up. In an interview with ComicBook.com prior to their appearance on the Walking Dead Comic-Con panel, Morgan and Cohan revealed that playing those roles as seen in Flashpoint - which sees the parents of Bruce Wayne become Batman and the Joker - is something they talk about all the time.

"I would love. I would love (to do that). Let it be said and known and documented. We both would love for this to happen," Lauren Cohan said, while Morgan added, "We have, Lauren and I have talked about that for years. I think her playing, I'd love to see her version come on. You never know. It's true. You really never know with DC in particular, but everything is so kind of complicated within the Snyder-verse of it all. Unfortunately, but Lauren and I have made it clear and we're doing it again now that version."

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The Flashpoint story sees Thomas and Martha Wayne come out of their brush with death unscathed, while Bruce Wayne dies in the shooting in Crime Alley. Thomas Wayne then goes on to become the caped crusader, while Martha ends up as the Joker. The Flash movie, which is currently filming, has a number of plot points that seem to be taken from the Flashpoint comic series, but it seems to be steering away from that actual plotline considering Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Batman, and Ben Affleck also dons the cowl once more.

"I think it was something that we still can like giggle about and say, well, look where we started as a married couple that had a rough ending," Jeffrey Dean Morgan said. "I think people forget that Lauren and I have known each other for a long time and did get a chance to work together before, and also kind of just missed crossing paths on Supernatural. So we've got kind of this history together on screen prior to The Walking Dead. And of course, this is what we'll be remembered for."

Both actors will be seen in the upcoming final season of The Walking Dead, with an epic 24 episodes being spread across a three part season event to bring the long running zombie horror series to a close after more than a decade. While recent reports have said that the "Rick Grimes" movies that have been supposedly in production since Andrew Lincoln's departure from the show are still alive and coming, it is unclear when exactly that may be.

Some rumors have suggested that Lincoln's character may be seen sometime before the show's finale next year in a return to the main series. Either way, the zombie apocalypse is heading to a conclusion, and whether it is one that satisfies fans is something we will discover next year. This news originated at ComicBook.com.