Warner Bros. made a huge splash last month during San Diego Comic-Con when they revealed that The Flash solo movie is going to be titled Flashpoint. That means the movie is going to be adapting one of the most beloved and important stories in the history of DC Comics. It also just so happens to involve some crazy time travel nonsense and bares some similarities to Back to the Future, but with a much more gritty and serious tone. And superheroes. Even so, fan artists Samuel Cheve has taken it up on himself to make a poster for Flashpoint in the style of Back to the Future.

Samuel Cheve posted the Flashpoint poster to his Instagram, which faithfully recreates the famous Back to the Future 2 poster that features Marty McFly and Doc Brown standing next to the DeLorean with lightning all around. It works well for several reasons, but the way he decided to portray The Flash and Batman on the poster really sells it. We can guess Flashpoint won't have a tone quite this light, but this is a great bit of fan art for something DC fans rea really and rightfully looking forward to. Also, DC fans may want to take note of the Watchmen button Barry is wearing. Here's what Samuel Cheve had to say about the poster in his caption.

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"Back to the...Batfore and After Swipe for Zoom!! I know that I am not the first to have the idea but as I was born in the 80s #ezramiller #benaffleck#theflash #flash #barryallen #batman #brucewayne #dccomics #comics #photoshop #edit #light #instaart #art #photo #glow #nyc #hero #dcgramm #dctv #fanart #thunder #cwtheflash #ezramiller #backtothefuture #stevenspielberg #flashpoint"

For whatever reason, he decided to give Steven Spielberg, who produced Back to the Future, a hashtag, but he didn't include director Robert Zemeckis. What gives? Interestingly enough, we've heard that Zemeckis is Warner Bros.' top choice to direct The Flash movie, but we haven't heard anything for a little while on that front. The movie has had a somewhat troubled road thus far, with directors Rick Famuyiwa and Seth Grahame-Smith both putting in time on the project before the studio decided to give it a page-one rewrite. However, that has led us to a point where this Flashpoint movie is getting made, so it's hard to complain.

In the Flashpoint comic, Barry Allen wakes at his desk and discovers the world has changed. His family, most importantly his mom, is alive and his close friends are different, gone or worse. It's a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman, who are evil in this alternate universe and battling for Earth. It's a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can't find the villain who altered the timeline. In order to do that, he enlists the help of Batman, who in this alternate reality is Thomas Wayne because it was Bruce Wayne who died in the alley at the hands of that mugger. That means we may get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan suit up as the Caped Crusader, which fans are very much behind.

As it stands, Warner Bros. has not set a release date for Flashpoint, but Ezra Miller is going to play The Flash and it is being reported that Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman. While we wait, be sure to check out Samuel Cheve's Back to the Future inspired poster for Flashpoint for yourself below.