This year's San Diego Comic-Con revealed that the DCEU was developing the Flashpoint movie, which was exciting for a number of different reasons, one of which was the storyline and the other being that the comic book version served as a way to reboot their comic universe and paved the way for the New 52. Many are speculating that the Flashpoint movie could be seen as a way to reboot the DCEU as well. The news was followed up today with a report from Forbes suggesting that Gal Gadot is going to make an appearance in the movie alongside Ezra Miller.

It was also officially announced during Comic-Con that Wonder Woman 2 is happening, but other than the announcement there hasn't been any real news about the sequel. The next time we'll get to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman will be this November when the long awaited Justice League hits theaters and then later in 2019 for Wonder Woman 2. It is expected that Flashpoint will hit theaters in 2020, after the Wonder Woman sequel , meaning that we could possibly see Gadot as Wonder Woman in five movies over the course of five years, which could lead to some over exposure for the character.

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It would be hard to tell the Flashpoint story effectively without Wonder Woman, so it makes sense that she will show up in some capacity. Wonder Woman is a main character in the storyline from the comics and it has just been assumed since the announcement was made that she would be involved in the project in some way. Cyborg is another DC character who plays a large part in Flashpoint as well, so it seems obvious that he'll pop up somewhere in the movie as well. Hopefully some more official news is released soon and this doesn't end up plagued like the original plans for Ezra Miller's The Flash character.

Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has mentioned that he is very interested in playing Batman in Flashpoint over the years and recently at Comic-Con he stirred the rumor pot on social media after the announcement was made about the Flashpoint movie. Nothing has been officially announced by Morgan or anybody else, but the idea does make sense within the contexts of the original comic book story. The script is reportedly getting close to finished, so some real news about casting should be coming soon.

Warner Bros. expects to have Flashpoint out in 2020, but that's about it as far as official news is concerned. But this could end up being a game-changing moment for the DCEU and it could take the franchise in all sorts of interesting ways. Gal Gadot joining the movie does seem plausible, we'll take the news with a grain of salt until Warner Bros. releases any type of official announcement regarding the cast and that goes for Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well. In the meantime, you can check out Wonder Woman's return to the big screen on November 17th, 2017 in Justice League.