With just under one month left until Sony Pictures' Flatliners remake hits theaters, the studio has released four new character posters that shows completely different sides to the main characters. The posters feature Ellen Page's Courtney, Diego Luna's Ray, Nina Dobrev's Marlo and Kiersey Clemons' Sophia. While each of these characters has a seemingly normal expression, these one-sheets literally show another side of them, and it's clear they're truly terrified.

The posters surfaced on the Flatliners Twitter earlier today, although it remains uncertain if we'll get any more footage between now and the September 29 release date. The first Flatliners trailer didn't debut until mid-June, and with the release just a few weeks away, hopefully there will be more footage for fans to explore, before this reboot hits theaters. For fans of the original movie, there will be a familiar face involved, although he isn't seen on any of these posters.

It was confirmed last July that original Flatliners star Kiefer Sutherland has finalized his deal to reprise his role as Nelson. This character was part of the original group of medical students who conduct experiments with near death experiences. The story followed each of their characters as they had their heart stopped just briefly, before being revived instantly, although this causes some unwanted side effects. Each of these students experience nightmarish visions of their childhood, reflecting either sins they have committed, or sins committed against them.

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Their unorthodox extracurricular studies have very dark consequences, as their supernatural visions begin to intensify. The original movie was directed by Joel Schumacher, with a cast that included a bevy of young stars such as Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt and Kimberly Scott. The Flatliners remake seems to follow the same story, although it has yet to be confirmed how Kiefer Suterland's Nelson fits in, or if there will be any other surprise cameos from the original cast members, although it seems unlikely. The original Flatliners took in $61.4 million domestic during its theatrical run in 1990, which, when you adjust for inflation, comes out to $129.2 million in today's market.

We reported in June that director Niels Arden Oplev, who is directing from a script by Ben Ripley (Source Code), was heading back to Toronto for a week of Flatliners reshoots, although it remains unclear how these reshoots will ultimately affect the final product. Sony Pictures' Flatliners will be going up against Universal's American Made, starring Tom Cruise, and Novus' Til Death Do Us Part, starring Taye Diggs. Flatliners will also be sandwiched in between some box office heavy hitters, with Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The LEGO Ninjago Movie arriving a week earlier on September 22, and Blade Runner 2049, The Mountain Between Us and My Little Pony arriving on October 6. While we wait for more on Flatliners, take a look at these new character posters below.

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<strong><em>Flatliners</em></strong> photo 2
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