The Good

. . . ummmmm

The Bad

Answer "D", all of the above, well I guess it's below since the review is below this.

What is the definition of trash TV? Flavor Of Love is that defintion. What do you get when you take one of the stupidest men alive and 20 of the stupidest women alive and then try and redo The Bachelor? This is possible one of the worst shows ever created! I can't stand it! I wanted to kill myself through every agonizing moment. The first woman to be interviewed in the first episode says "Flav is the shnazziest dresser!" Then the next scene two girls start fighting with each other as one other woman comments, "30 seconds into the house and there is already drama". I- I- I am speachless. This is a misogynist show if I ever saw one. I can't believe this show was ever put on the air and I can't believe there was a second season. Every woman on this show is depicted like some dim-witted child, I can't believe this.


Girlz Gone Flav:

The girls recount moments from the season.

Adventures Of Toasteee:

A profile of the sluttiest and most often drunk girl on the show.

Booty Shakin':

A compilation of the girls shakin' their booties.

Somethin' Left Over:

The girls find a soiled tampon in the shower, so it makes a bonus feature.

Casting Madness:

Casting interviews with all trashiest girls you will ever see.

Pimps Make The Call:

Flav's friends weigh in with their opinions on the girls.

Song's That Make You Scream:

It says it all, a girl from the show tries to sing, it made me turn off the DVD player.

Call Of The Wild:

Oh no, Drama between the girls. Catfight!

Token Shower Scene:

He hooks up with a slut in the shower, yippee!

Flav's Filosophies Part 2:

He spelled philosophies wrong, so I didn't really listen to what he had to say.

New York Hospitality Part 2:

They bring back one of the kicked off girls, oh no! More drama!


These are the trashiest most misogynistic special features I have ever seen. They are horrible! What is this show?!


It's 4:3 fullscreen and it's shot all digital. Pop in your home movies from your last vacation, that's what it looks like. The camera guy don't know how to work cameras, they don't know how to focus, they don't care about lighting, it makes me cry.


Dolby Digital 2.0 does what it needs to do.


The three discs each have a slimline DVD case and they are housed in a cardboard box.

Final Word

You want to see the worst show in the history of television? Here it is!

Flavor of Love was released .