The Good

Flavor Flav seems to be enjoying his 45 minutes of fame.

The Bad

This show is just bad. I know it's supposed to be fun but it's just bad.

Flavor of Love: The Complete Unrated First Season, Boyeee! is one of those shows that really must be seen to be believed. I say this because if someone told you that in 1989 that Flavor Flav of Public Enemy was, in 2006, going to do Reality TV shows and that these shows were going to revive his career (at that time), I am sure you would have said that I was on the same drugs that Flav is allegedly no longer using. Then if that same person would have said that Flavor Flav would then do a reality TV show called Flavor of Love you would have laughed.

If that same person would have told you that the show would have featured all these women vying for a position as Flav's flavor, and that the winner would come to live with him in his "phat crib," you probably would have had me committed. Afterall, Flavor Flav sprang from Public Enemy, which was a radical as radical got in the late 1980s. Fronted by Chuck D, this band was angry, they were pissed off, and more to the point, they had America's ear. Well times have certainly changed and this show, sadly, seems to be celebrating everything that is wrong with the human condition.

How does one go so far astray from "the system that brought cha"? I have no idea but I don't think Flavor of Love: The Complete Unrated First Season, Boyeee! helps in providing any answers.


Flav's Filosophies

There are 20 of this to sift through, all of which are very brief (why I am not surprised?). They range from "Inner Beauty," "Girl of His Dreams," "Kinky Sex" and the "Occult." Anyone expecting some amazing thoughts or for Flav to drop some science is going to be sorely let down. Then again, anyone really familiar with this show probably no longer expects those kinds of things from this person anyway.

New York Hospitality

A section of this DVD is rightly given to the woman who creates a lot of the drama on the show. New York (the name Flavor Flav gave her probably because of how "in your face" she is), is a force of nature that I hope to never reckon with in my life. Here we see a bevy of clips, one of which we see her telling one of the other Flavor's of Love about her plans for the "phat crib" when all these other girls go home. In another, we see her telling Flav how much she loves him and that it's time for these other women to leave. I think you get the picture. As early shows like The Real World displayed, producers learned that people like New York could be a ratings bonanza.

Pumpkins Blac-u-lation

Just when I thought this show couldn't get any lower, I was treated to a White girl being made over as a Black girl, and also teaching Black people about white slang. This section is broken down into things like Speech 101, Dancing 101 and Hair Care 101. After watching this segment, I realized that it is because of girls like Pumpkin that the Wayans' Bros. make films like White Chicks.

The Reunion Show: "After the Lovin'"

Done like an unsupervised version of Jerry Springer (oftentimes we see Flavor Flav in the corner laughing at the mayhem he has created), we are treated to all 20 of the girls who originally tried to be the Flavor of Love. They talk about their lives but more to the point they talk about each other. In fact, one gets to see New York and Pumpkin finally "squash it" in regards to the spitting incident that took place on the show. If you have come this far, you may as well watch this, right?


Full Screen. Edited quickly and simply, there really isn't anything about the look of Flavor of Love: The Complete Unrated First Season, Boyeee! that stands out. If anything, they make the mating process between men and women seem extremely base and superficial. Which, I guess considering that it sort of is, kind of makes a statement within this sociological experiment of Frankenstein proportions.


Dolby Digital - English Stereo. One thing I will give this show is that I was able to hear everything. As the first season of this show is presented unrated here, I took a lot from being able to hear what the contestants and Flavor Flav had to say without everything being bleeped out every six seconds. And let me tell you something... if you want foul language you need to look no further than this DVD set. Whatever the case, good or bad, Flavor of Love: The Complete Unrated First Season, Boyeee! lets you hear it.


Clad in a gray suit with a clock around his neck, Flavor Flav is all smiles on this front cover. Behind him is a red background with heartshaped images of all the women on the show. The back features Flavor Flav in a big chair chewing on a cigar, as well as a description of this show, a Special Features listing, a still shot of the "spit scene", and some technical specs. The three discs that comprise this set are housed in three slim cases that feature different shots of Flavor Flav on the cover of each one. On the back are episode listings, descriptions, and where one can find the Special Features.

Final Word

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

The whole time I am watching Flavor Flav careen about with these women, giving his various philosophies on life and love, I could only think one thing... WHAT THE HELL WAS CHUCK D THINKING? I could see if you weren't around or alive when Public Enemy first came on the scene, but that was a group that really seemed to be doing it different. They took a Malcolm X approach to the music business (and America in general) and were saying what they wanted to say. Now, had Flav just been someone in the background, I wouldn't have any issue with how he pays his rent now. I just think that when you have this guy who is basically John Oates to Chuck D's Daryl Hall, you can't just dismiss him as someone who was in the band but otherwise unimportant. I mean, this guy said F-Elvis and John Wayne crying out loud!

I might be missing the point, the fun, and everything else I am not supposed to be concerned with nowadays. I wouldn't be concerned with those things if the star of this reality TV show hadn't told me I should be almost two decades ago.

Flavor of Love was released .