Jon Hamm is going to star in Miramax's upcoming Fletch reboot. Chevy Chase originally starred in the 1985 classic and its sequel, Fletch Lives. Superbad helmer Greg Mottola is on board to direct the reboot from a screenplay written by Zev Borrow. In addition to starring in the upcoming movie, Hamm will also serve as an executive producer. Michael Ritchie directed the 1985 original and sadly will not have any involvement in the reboot since he passed away in 2001.

The Fletch reboot is based on Gregory McDonald's second book in the series titled, Confess Fletch. In the story, "Fletch finds himself in the middle of multiple murders, one of which pins him as a prime suspect." If that wasn't enough, Fletch is "tasked with finding his fiancée's stolen art collection, acquired after her father goes missing and is presumed dead." Miramax CEO Bill Block had this to say about the reboot.

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"Fletch's duration over audiences - whether told on paper or the big screen - entertains all and we could not be more thrilled to see what twenty-first century twist these artists create."

Connie Tavel is producing the Fletch reboot and says, "Producing this film with Jon has been a long-time dream of mine." He added, "with Zev and Greg on board to write and direct, I really believe that this will be an exciting and modern reimagining of this beloved character." Taking on a movie as iconic as Fletch is not going to be an easy task, just ask writer/director Kevin Smith, who tried for years to get his Fletch project off of the ground.

Kevin Smith wanted Jason Lee to star in his version of Fletch, which would have been a younger version of the character. However, Miramax head honcho Harvey Weinstein was not into the idea at all, especially with Lee in the leading role. In a long chain of events, Weinstein agreed to let Smith make the movie, but he had to have Ben Affleck in the leading role, which was not what the director had in mind at all. With that being said, Smith was ready to commit and have Affleck star in the project. Had Affleck agreed to the role, we probably would have seen a new Fletch movie back in 2003 or 2004. In 2015, it was said that Jason Sudeikis was playing Fletch, but that obviously hasn't happened.

Fletch creator Gregory McDonald passed away in 2008, so he will not have any direct input on the project either, though the movie is based on one of his novels. As for Jon Hamm, he has yet to say anything publicly about the role, but one can imagine the folks on social media are going to be debating his casting, whether they're for it, or against it. Even when Kevin Smith wanted Jason Lee, there were people who believed that only Chevy Chase could properly tackle the role. Miramax was the first to announce their upcoming Fletch reboot starring Jon Hamm.