Following last year's announcement that the Chevy Chase movie series Fletch was to get a reboot, it was revealed that Mad Men star Jon Hamm will be the one taking over the role in Confess, Fletch. While there is no word on who will be starring with Hamm in the movie, director Greg Mottola shared an image of the script on his Twitter account, commenting "2 ½ weeks out", suggesting that shooting is due to start at the end of the month. This will come as welcome news to those who have been waiting on more information about the project moving forward after pandemic delays.

Greg Mottola responded to some fan comments, suggesting that certain things about the characters featured in the books have had to be changed for "boring legal reasons", and he also teased that more casting information will be coming very soon.

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Jon Hamm spoke to Collider back in December, telling them, "We're hoping to start shooting in the springtime, in New York City - you know, fingers crossed. We've got an excellent script, and an excellent director attached, and we're going to start casting soon. It's big shoes to fill, obviously. But as I've mentioned in previous conversations, it's a reboot, it's not a remake, so we're going back to the novels and really breaking it down but hopefully bringing what people want to see. So, fingers crossed!"

Confess Fletch is based on the second of Gregory McDonald's novels. In the story, Fletch is the prime suspect in a chain of mysterious murders. While on the trail of the real perpetrators to prove his innocence, Fletch is also caught up in trying to track down his fiancee's stolen art collection, which was acquired from her missing father when he was presumed dead. The book is one of eleven in the series, of which Confess, Fletch was the second published, although due many of the subsequent books acting as prequels, it actually ended up as the sixth book when put in chronological order.

In recent interviews, Miramax CEO Bill Block said of the series, "Fletch's duration over audiences - whether told on paper or the big screen - entertains all and we could not be more thrilled to see what twenty-first century twist these artists create. Producer Connie Tavel added, "Producing this film with Jon has been a long-time dream of mine and with Zev (Borow, screenwriter) and Greg on board to write and direct, I really believe that this will be an exciting and modern reimagining of this beloved character.

The original movies, starring Chase as the eponymous Fletch, were comedy vehicles that were loosely based on the stories from the novels, and they were one of Chase's more successful pictures. In the years since, there have been other attempts to bring back the franchise, including Kevin Smith being attached to a project at one time, with Ben Affleck and Jason Lee in the running for the title role, and even Jason Sudeikis coming close to shooting. But this and others failed to materialize. With filming starting soon, it will be a while before we see how the new version of the character will play out, but expect more casting news coming soon. The movie is likely to be released towards the end of 2022.