It was announced in September that Disney's Flight of the Navigator remake was back on track. Lucifer showrunner John Henderson is penning the script for Lionsgate, with the partnering of the Henson Company. And now, it looks like director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) might be in talks to helm the project after a cryptic tweet earlier this week. Fans have been waiting decades for the remake to the 1986 sci-fi adventure to come into fruition and it finally looks like we may have lift off for Flight of the Navigator.

Neill Blomkamp started his OATS Studios as a creative offshoot for short films to be released online and took to Twitter earlier this week to announce that they were going to make a sequel to his short ADAM and then left fans in suspense teasing what his next full-length project will be. The director tweeted.

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"So for clarity on&#[email protected] shorts, people are asking for part 2's of certain films, - the first follow up short will be for ADAM, coming soonish. The first proper feature film will be ....."

Fans of Neill Blomkamp loved the short ADAM and have been asking about a sequel ever since its release last month. As far as the follow up tweet announcing his next project, the director waited over an hour to further tease fans.

When Neill Blomkamp announced that Oats Studios was making a sequel to ADAM, he followed that announcement with not words, just a picture. The picture is very familiar for fans of Flight of the Navigator as it features the main character David Scott Freeman aboard the alien spaceship. No other announcements were made and we've been left speculating what exactly is happening, but in context, it certainly looks like Neill Blomkamp's next movie is going to be a remake of Flight of the Navigator, which could be an excellent idea.

Flight of the Navigator sees twelve-year old David Scott Freeman living more or less happily in the year 1978 until he falls into a ravine and climbs out to find that somehow 8 years have passed in the blink of an eye. It is also revealed that an alien spacecraft has crashed and that NASA has found it. While in the hospital, doctors and scientists learn that David and the alien spaceship are linked and then David and the ship escape the clutches of a half-heartedly-evil NASA in order to get them both home again.

As far as live-action Disney movies from the 1980s go, Flight of the Navigator is the cream of the crop, but there's still a lot of room for improvement and Neill Blomkamp could be the right man for the task at hand. As previously mentioned, this is all based off of a cryptic tweet that Blomkamp posted yesterday and no further details have been revealed at the time of this writing. It does seem like perfect timing since the script is currently being written. While we wait for confirmation, check out Neill Blomkamp's Twitter account below for the tease.