The Flight of the Navigator remake has been in various stages of development over the years, but now it seems like the project is about to hit lift off. The Hollywood Reporter announced that The Henson Company is producing the new reboot for Lionsgate and they have tapped Joe Henderson, the showrunner for Fox's Lucifer, to write the script. Disney tried to reboot Flight of the Navigator back in 2009 and then another time in 2012 with Colin Trevorrow attached to write and direct. Both projects never materialized for one reason or another, but now, 5 years later, the remake seems ready for flight.

The movie told of a 12-year-old Florida boy who is abducted by a UFO and reappears eight years later, at the exact same age and with no memories of what happened. When NASA officials spot a connection between the boy and a recovered UFO and try to ensnare him, the kid tries to unravel the intergalactic mystery while trying to reunite with his family, helping the aliens fix their broken spaceship. The original sci-fi children's movie features the zany voice acting of Paul Reubens playing the part of the alien A.I. named Max.

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Flight of the Navigator gained mostly positive reviews from critics and has gone on to become an 80s children's classic movie that still resonates today. The movie is notable for its realistic portrayals of family separation, punctuated by comedy breaks by Paul Reubens' voice acting and the tiny, puppet aliens. The original movie was also notable at the time for its early use of CGI effects that were groundbreaking back in 1986 when it came out. It's not clear what direction that Joe Henderson and Henson will take the new remake, but it's almost certain that it will involve some pretty impressive puppets.

Henderson's Lucifer is based on the DC/Vertigo comic and airs on Fox. The third season starts up next week, premiering on October 2nd, 2017. Henderson also served as a writer and co-executive producer on White CollarGraceland and Almost Human. So, it should be pretty interesting to see how they update Flight of the Navigator, 30 years later with new technology and a different way to modernize the story. One thing is for sure, original star Joey Cramer, probably won't be involved in the remake at all since he was sentenced to some jail time last year after attempting to rob a bank.

Though the new remake of Flight of the Navigator looks promising, we won't hold our breath. This will be the third time that an attempt has been made to revive the classic 80s movie, but who knows. Maybe this will be the one to finally stick and get developed. There are no other further details at this time, but more news should hopefully be released soon. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news today and was also the first to break the news about Disney's attempt in 2009 to reboot Flight of the Navigator.