What is the world coming to? Crazy things continue to happen all around us this weekend. Shortly after shocking video of a self-proclaimed white supremacist punching a woman at a restaurant surfaced, another startling viral video appeared, capturing the infamous 'Florida Man' in a full on brawl with a semi truck. The scene looks like something pulled directly out of a Terminator movie.

The dramatic footage of this bloodied and crazed individual clinging to a truck as it speeds down the highway has become all the rage on social media this Sunday. At first, it's not quite clear what is happening. The man, who appears to be in his underwear, is attacking the windshield of the truck as he holds on for life. The truck driver is visibly seen swerving the truck back and forth, hoping to shake the Florida Man free.

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This strange incident happened around 1pm on Saturday. The Florida Highway Patrol were alerted to a 'disoriented' white male who had abandoned his car on an exit ramp near Boynton Beach. The Florida Man is said to have jumped over a concrete divider between the turnpike's southbound and northbound lanes of traffic. This caused traffic on both sides of the highway to slow to a crawl.

Truck driver Edward Hughes gave a detailed account of the incident to TMZ. He claims that the Florida Man tried to wave him down. Hughes stopped, noticing that the man was covered in blood. But the Florida Man, refusing whatever help Hughes would have been able to offer, jumped up on the hood of the semi and tried bashing the window in with an unidentified metal object.

Panicking, Hughe admits he stepped on the gas in an attempt to shake the man off the hood. According to various reports, the Florida Man was able to hold on for almost nine miles. Police eventually got the truck to pull over, and the unidentified Florida Man was taken into custody. He was later evaluated at Wellington Regional Hospital.

Right now, there is no indication as to why the Florida Man was covered in blood, or what set him off on his rage-fueled fight against a moving truck. At this time it's not know if the bloodied man or truck driver Edward Hughes will be charged with anything.

The self-proclaimed white supremacist who punched out a lady was also apprehended in Florida, where the health crisis continues to rage and tempers are getting heated. That video is also making the rounds, which you can see in the video below. These look like scenes pulled out of a movie, and with theaters still closed around the country, many are captivated by some of the real-life horrors that are going on around us. Florida gets a bad rap, and Florida Man is a meme that doesn't seem to be correcting itself for the better anytime soon.