The Good

Another TV vehicle that made America fall further in love with Sally Field.

The Bad

The effects on this show are pretty lousy.

The Flying Nun: The Complete First Season is a whimsical affair that sees Sally Field return to the small screen as Sister Bertrille. As a nun who has the ability to fly, Bertrille uses her "skill" to help the people around her. Whether she is raising money for people in need, helping animals live safer lives or bringing the convent up to speed with the mores and morals of the time, it seems that both the audience and Sister Bertrille learn many life lessons in each episode.

While I don't think this show is nearly as well done as Gidget, I find that amidst it's fluffiness there is a lot to be learned. Especially when one considers that we see nuns as being fallible. I think this show really exemplifies the fact that you are never too knowledgeable or old to learn something.


A Look Back With Sally Field

Sally Field is really a great actress. I say this because she is so bright eyed and plucky in this role, yet she discusses how, at the time, she wanted nothing to do with The Flying Nun. The fact that it ran for 3 years further proves that point. The actress also discusses each character and I have to admit, I really think we see a different side of Field in this interview.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. Aside from the effects on this show looking awful (hey it was 1967), I think this show looks really good. The transfers weren't as sharp as I thought they would be but I think this is when TV started to get away from the glossy look of the early color years, and was beginning to give shows more of a filmic look.


Dolby Digital - Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Subtitles: Spanish and Portuguese. Remastered in High Definition. Close Captioned. The thirty episodes that fill these four discs sound really good, even though I didn't notice anything about the sound that stood out to me that much. As this show is heavily reliant on jokes and sight gags, the audio services the video more than anything else.


Sally Field and the main cast grace this front cover which is a minimal mix of blue and white. The back cover has an awkward shot of Field flying through the sky and palm trees. There is a description of what this show is about, a featurette listing and some technical specs. All four discs are neatly tucked into thin, plastic cases. There are different shots of the characters on the front cover of each one, as well as an index and description of each episode on the back. One again, simple and economic packaging for a Sally Field vehicle.

Final Word

Another great aspect of this show is the way that Sister Bertrille and Reverend Mother Superior (Madeleine Sherwood) relate to one another. No matter which side you are on, it really seems like these two characters always come to some great understanding about life from show to show. Now lets be honest, the situations these characters find themselves in are pretty hard to swallow (we are talking about The Flying Nun for crying out loud), however, ultimately, I think this show packs just enough good messages and warm cheer to make it something worth checking out.

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