After battling a planet full of nasty creatures in last year's sci-fi thriller After Earth, Will Smith takes on a more modern role in the con man thriller Focus, with the first two images released featuring the A-list actor alongside Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street).

The story centers on veteran con man Nicky (Will Smith) who takes a young protege Jess (Margot Robbie) under his wing and introduces her to the illicit trade. When they start to get too intimate, they break the partnership off, only to reunite three years later in Buenos Aires, where Jess threatens to ruin Nicky's biggest scam to date.

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Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa shed new light on the thriller in an interview with USA Today, where Glenn Ficarra revealed that the story is based on one simple question.

"How do two people fall in love in a world where the truth is like currency?"

After Will Smith became attached to play Nicky, the actor told his filmmakers that they would have trouble finding the right girl, according to John Requa.

"Will said, 'You're going to have trouble finding a girl because I kind of have a large personality.' And he was right. But Margot walked in and just put everybody on their heels. When she walked out of the room, Will turned to us and said, 'Mmhm.'"

Glenn Ficarra added they encountered a similar scenario on their directorial debut, Crazy Stupid Love, when Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone first read together.

"It was the same moment we had with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling when they first read together. Here's Ryan Gosling, this very desirable male 'hubba hubba' dude. And Emma just came in and owned him. She didn't pause for a minute. She just proceeded to insult him."

Margot Robbie also spoke about her on-set training from legendary pickpocket Apollo Robbins, although it didn't go quite so smoothly the first time out.

"When I was first in training one of the crew guys came in and (Robbins) told me to steal his phone while he was in the room. I was panicking. The guy ended up catching me with my hand in his back pocket and it was as if I was trying to touch his (butt)! It was so humiliating! He avoided me like the plague after that."

Check out the first two photos from Focus below, and stay tuned for the first trailer, which should be just around the corner.

Focus Photo 1
Focus Photo