Most users follow MovieWeb via the front page of the website, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds. With all the ever-changing ways you can get our content, we wanted to compile a list of these links for our users, as well as introduce some handy new features we've just launched within our RSS feeds.

RSS News Feeds upgraded!

Our newly upgraded RSS feeds for News Articles have been completely rebuilt from the ground up. We're now featuring full news stories, images, and if your RSS reader supports it, fully playable video inside of our news feeds.

If you find the full MovieWeb News Feed feed a little too much content, please do consider subscribing to these individual channels instead to narrow down the type of news you want to receive.

Follow specific Movies, Celebrities, TV Shows and more

We're proud to announce the addition of specific RSS feeds for Movies, TV Shows and Celebrities you follow. How does it work? Easy...

Say you want to follow the specific updates happening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or Chrisopher Nolan's upcoming sequel, Batman 3. All you have to do is access the movie page here at MovieWeb, and copy and paste the RSS Feed link into your favorite reader:

Copy the link into your favorite RSS reader

Once you do, you'll start to receive updates any time we post new content to the Movie. It's that simple.

Here are some popular examples of single RSS feeds...


TV Shows


Again, you can follow the RSS feed of any Movie, TV Show, DVD/Blu-ray or Celebrity at MovieWeb. Use the search box at the top of any page to find what you're looking for and start following, today.

Other upgraded RSS feeds

While we completely retooled the way we serve every single RSS feed we offer, there are some notable changes to our most popular feeds as well.

For our complete list of RSS feeds available, CLICK HERE

Other ways to follow MovieWeb

So, we wanna know... how do you follow MovieWeb?

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.