With J.J. Abrams behind the wheel, you can expect that a tight lid will be kept on all Star Wars: Episode VII information until such time as Disney and LucasFilm want you to know about it. But as the director promises, it will not be a completely secret affair. Some of the cast, both new and old, have made that apparent as they started Tweeting shortly after the table read was revealed to the public.

While we might not get any new story updates or character information, the team working in front of the camera will be proving updates throughout the next year and a half, leading up to the December 18 release date. We're sure to see any number of cool behind-the-scenes photos, experiencing first hand what it's like to be on set. We've gathered the first tweets for you here, along with the actors you can currently follow. Check it out, as they all seem genuinely ecstatic about returning for this hugely anticipated sequel.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange