Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) gets attacked by a knife-wielding enemy in the first trailer for Season 3 of Fox's The Following, which returns in midseason.

The footage, which debuted during the show's New York Comic Con panel earlier today, shows a happy Ryan Hardy giving a heartfelt toast at a wedding, before he is suddenly attacked by a mysterious man. It isn't quite clear if this man has any ties to James Purefoy's Joe Carroll, but series stars Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore and executive producer Marcos Siega teased new details about what fans can expect in Season 3.

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The season picks up one year after Season 2, but there will be flashbacks to show what Ryan Hardy has been up to in the year since Season 2 ended. The show's writers also crafted Season 3 to welcome in new viewers, adding details so newcomers can get caught up with the show without having to watch the first two seasons. Marcos Siega added that, while last season was about the masks these characters wear, with Ryan Hardy trying to mask his pain, Hardy is in a much better place when Season 3 begins, with a new girlfriend and a strong relationship with his niece. His partner, Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) decides to go on a hunt for Mark. Mike will be forced to decide whether or not to be consumed by vengeance, or move on like Ryan has.

Both Joe Carroll and Mark will play major parts in Season 3, with Joe Carroll currently locked up in prison. There will be scenes where Ryan visits Joe in prison, and, in the first episode, viewers will find out who was in the car with Mark at the end of the Season 2 finale. The character was revealed to be a woman during the show's NYCC panel. Marcos Siega also added that they shot two endings to Season 2, one where Joe Carroll lived and one where he died. They ultimately went with the ending where Carroll lives, since fans expressed an interest in seeing more of the character.

Zuleikha Robinson plays Hardy's new girlfriend, an emergency room doctor, with the Season 3's second episode set to feature a flashback that shows how Ryan and his new love interest first met. Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup) is also in a new relationship with a character named Tom, a SWAT team member that will appear regularly on the show. Hardy's mentor, Dr. Arthur Strauss (Gregg Henry) will also return, as he faces trial while the audience will meet some of his own followers, and part of the season will focus on some questioning Ryan and Mike's unusual way of dispensing justice.

Take a look at the first footage from Season 3, and stay tuned to find out when the season will premiere on Fox next year.