We have our first official look at Tom Hardy as Al Capone. Hardy is one of the most in-demand actors working today and his next project is going to be Fonzo, which is a biopic chronicling the later life of famed American gangster Al Capone, prior to his death in 1947. Hardy has been attached to play the character since 2012, but at that time it was in an different movie titled Cicero. Now, he's going to play Capone during his later years, as opposed to documenting his seven-year reign as Chicago's crime boss.

The images were posted by Tom Hardy to his Instagram page and, in several ways, they are quite faithful to Al Capone. Hardy has one of Capone's famous hats and, in the full photo he shared, it looks as though he's wearing a prison jumpsuit. Fonzo will depict the mobster at the age of 47 after his years in prison and after dementia has rotted his mind. Considering that Capone died at the age of 48, that's a pretty narrow window. So if this is a prison jumpsuit, maybe we'll pick up with Capone right as he's getting out of jail? The other image Hardy posted is a closeup of his face that reveals he'll be sporting Capone's famous scar in the movie. Beyond that, he mostly just looks like himself, but it's early. The movie isn't even supposed to actually start filming until early next month, so this could just be some early costume and makeup work. We may still yet get to see Hardy with Capone's chubby cheeks.

Tom Hardy starring as Al Capone in a rather unique sounding biopic would be enough to get many movie fans interested in Fonzo, but there's another interesting layer to this movie in the form of director Josh Trank. 2014's famously disastrous Fantastic Four reboot had a very troubled production. Trank was director of that movie, and if some of the stories from set are to be believed, he was the cause for most of its problems. Following that mess, he was hired by Lucasfilm for a brief time to helm a Boba Fett movie, but Trank and the studio ended up parting ways before the Star Wars spin-off ever got going.

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Fonzo is Josh Trank's first, actual directorial effort since Fantastic Four. So he's officially out of director's jail. If this goes well, who knows? Maybe the Chronicle director will get another shot at a big movie, but he's got to prove himself to Hollywood again before that can happen. Taking on a smaller project like this seems like a smart move. And having Tom Hardy on board, who recently wrapped filming on Sony's upcoming Venom movie, certainly doesn't hurt anything.

Matt Dillon (Crash), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Kathrine Narducci (The Sopranos) and Linda Cardellini (Daddy's Home) will also star in Fonzo. Currently, the movie hasn't been given an official release date, but 2019 seems realistic at this point. Be sure to check out Tom Hardy's Instagram posts for yourself below.

Ryan Scott