Love Drive-In movies that blow your mind, even in the slightest? Then we have something pretty weird for you. Forbidden Power takes the idea of who and what a superhero can be and turns it on its head for something completely different. It's the sci-fi version of It Follows. And it could gain a strong cult following all it's own.

Films such as Lucy, Limitless, and The Wolfman have featured story lines where the heroes have received transmitted powers via drugs or animal bites, but now comes a fresh take on that idea. Sexually transmitted power in the soon-to-be-released science fiction action thriller Forbidden Power

Young businessman George (Lincoln Bevers) has a one-night affair with a mysterious Native American woman (played by Nasanin Nuri). When he wakes up the next morning, she's vanished, but leaves him empowered with abilities that far exceed his own, and with a cryptic message. George embarks on a dangerous quest to find her and the meaning of her message and the extraordinary superhuman gift developing within him.

Forbidden Power, the 7th feature film from director Paul Kyriazi (cult classics Death Machines and Ninja Busters), will be released on Amazon On Demand. Kyriazi is a graduate of San Francisco State University's film department and spent four years in the movie department of the US Air Force.  He's directed 32 name actors, such as Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, Adam West, George Chakiris, and David Hedison in his films and full-cast audiobooks based on his novels.

The movie is Executive Produced by Conrad Denke of Victory Studios and Harry Mok, who also produced the upcoming animated film Animal Crackers with the voices of Sylvester Stallone and Danny DeVito. Forbidden Power was shot in wide-screen using 6K Red Dragon cameras.

You may recognize Lincoln Bevers from some of his popular short films. He's appeared in Special Delivery: The Garageland Chronicles, Cam-Fusion, and Peace Among Black Hills. He made his feature film debut in The Garagland Chronicles movie, which is based on the initial short. His co-star Nasanin Nuri is making her feature film debut with Forbidden Power. And they look like a match made in indie movie heaven.

Forbidden Power marks Paul Kyriazi's first directorial feature since the 90s, and will be fondly remembered by cult movie lovers of the 80s. He got his start with Death Machines, which arrived at Drive-Ins around the country back in 1976, so he knows his way around the cult landscape. The movie followed an evil Oriental Dragon Lady who injects three martial arts fighters with a serum that turns them into zombie-like assassins, and she sends them out against her enemies. He followed this up in 1984 with Ninja Busters, about two pals tired of being losers and constantly being rejected by women, who decide to change their lives with learning martial arts. Through hard work they become kung fu masters, role models, find love, and become heroes after defeating an unruly gang of Ninjas for hire.

Kyriazi is also responsible for The Weapons of Death in 1981, followed by One Way Out in 1986. His final feature film before Forbidden Power was 1990's Omega Cop, which has a strong cult following to this day. But it looks like he is back in fighting form with Forbidden Power, which you can check out the trailer for here courtesy of the director's own Youtube channel.