The Good

A vampire cop show that is a lot more than a vampire cop show.

The Bad

Special Features?

Forever Knight Trilogy: Part 3 was an interesting five disc collection to review, mainly because this is something I never knew existed before. So you have to realize that I came in on this show in the final season, and then did my best to orient myself. We are following Nick Knight, a vampire who also works as a detective in Canada. He has a trusting partner named Natalie Lambert, and together they find themselves fighting forces of evil in each episode. Throwing a lot of confusion into all of this is Lucien Lacroix. He is 2000 years old he is Nick's master of sorts.

Filled with 22 episodes I found myself both confused and exhilarated watching this show. I say that because having never seen an episode of Forever Knight before, I was playing an interesting game trying to put all the pieces together. While normally a show like this isn't my cup of tea (too dark and drab for my tastes), I was surprised at how well the characters were written and how much humanity there was in this piece.


No Extras came with this DVD.


This show looks like it's videobox. It's darkly lit, well composed, but what struck me was how it wasn't afraid to play with expectations. It also seemed to move both from the past and present perspective of the characters which made it really interesting to watch. While I can't say that on my own I would have sought out a show like this, I was able to appreciate both it's look and subject matter in the context of the story.


Dolby Digital. The sound on this DVD was good and I actually had a thought that Anchor Bay could probably please a lot of Forever Knight Trilogy fans if they released this show in HD or Blu-ray. Now before you say that watching TV shows and movies on my crummy system makes me always wish for that, I think there's something to these kinds of shows (those that experiment more with images and audio) that lend themselves to the new technology.


Making this show seem a lot more campy than it is, I wasn't a huge fan of this green and black cover that establishes the characters. However, I thought the green cross that was created by the colors was a nice motif. The back cover serves up some more images with the show, but never loses it's gothic feel. There is a description of what Forever Knight Trilogy: Part 3 is about and some technical specs. The five discs that store all the episodes are neatly tucked away inside this packaging, which features more images from the show, episode listings, and technical specs.

Final Word

Why did Anchor Bay only send me the final season to review? Or, maybe that's a MovieWeb question? Whatever the case, I just wish I had more knowledge of the show going into Forever Knight Trilogy: Part 3. I tend to think that a show like this (which also airs on the Sci Fi channel), probably has a sensitive fanbase. The last thing they need is some hack like me sitting down and talking about their show, but not even having the appropriate tools to discuss it.

I liked Forever Knight Trilogy: Part 3, I just wasn't always sure that I got what I was supposed to get.

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