Following the successful DVD release from Cinema Epoch of Evan Jacobs' DV trilogy, the low-fi filmmaker is back with another microbudget horror fest called The Forming and, to hear Jacobs' tell it, it is the start of a new trilogy. While not a continuation of the DV Trilogy, Jacobs says the films are somewhat connected. In addition to this he feels that The Forming is both challenging and accessible. He hopes to continue this theme throughout this new trilogy.

The Forming is a film that looks at how fear forms within us. We focus on a man who is attacked by a dog as he runs in the park. After that, he finds himself dealing with some very strange occurrences in his home. Everything that follows seems to relate back to the fear he experienced during the dog attack. As he is forced to confront these odd goings on we see him descend deeper and deeper into his own maddening psychosis. Or, is he? In the end he and everyone else around him will see what happens when one lets fear take over their lives.

"In very subtle ways the DV Trilogy is part of a shared universe with The Forming." Jacobs states. "I wanted to really look at how fear forms within us. You always hear stories of people leading 'normal' lives. Then something happens and they are changed forever."

Currently, the plan is to release The Forming, followed by The Becoming and concluding with The Reckoning. Jacobs says he only has a few ideas for The Becoming at present. He plans to shoot a sequel to his sci-fi opus Tim Cohen's Amazing Adventure in Cardboard Box Time Travel before making The Becoming. The TIM COHEN sequel is set to be titled Tim Cohen's Amazing Adventure in Cardboard Box Time Travel (Squared).

"I am greatly inspired by Roger Corman and John Cassavetes." Jacobs says. "And, I want to make as many films as I can. Lets be honest, I'm not making Inception on my budgets and schedules. However, I think I can carve out my own, unique niche by making a lot of films that I, and I hope other people, find interesting."