Tom Hanks is warmly known as America's dad, as he so hilariously pointed out on a recent episode of SNL, where he would later reestablish himself as a comedic mastermind with his new Halloween character David S. Pumpkins. Hanks is still out promoting his DaVinci Code sequel Inferno, and he hasn't stopped having fun. Having flown overseas to visit the Graham Norton show, the Oscar winner recreated one of his most iconic scenes.

Most actors don't like to revisit their past triumphs for various reasons. But Tom Hanks has never shied away from having fun, and he seems to embrace his past, perhaps more than any other currently living actor. Just a few months ago, he happily broke out in song, doing a rendition of his iconic Big rap from 1988. Now, he's recreating one of the more iconic scenes from the 1994 blockbuster Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump is a role that will undoubtedly follow Tom Hanks the rest of his life. But he's never grown tired of the simpleton. As good natured as ever, Tom Hanks agreed to recreate one of the scenes from the movie. But there was a reason why he was going down this road. He was seated next to runner and Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah. As it turns out, Mo is a huge Gump fan!

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When Graham asked Hanks to recreate one of the scenes from the movie, Tom was more than happy to oblige. It's revealed that one of Hanks' wives favorite scenes is when Forrest has to run away. The actor goes into the background on some of the running scenes in the film, and the training that went with it, calling his 'buttocks' as firm as tinned hams. He then goes onto recite Forrest's speech about running like the wind blows.

Though, that's not the only fun he has. Recently, an image of Bill Murray went viral, with many believing it was actually Tom Hanks. Hanks insists he'd never take a picture while making such a hideous face. But he has no problem putting on a rain poncho and recreating that image. You can watch Tom Hanks having a little too much fun in the videos below courtesy of the Graham Norton show.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange