Fortnite and Tenet director Christopher Nolan are teaming up for Movie Nite at Party Royale's Big Screen. The event will stream a few of Nolan's best-known movies, including Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige. This is the second time that the director has partnered with Epic Games to help promote Tenet. The first time was the debut of an exclusive trailer, which was later made available to the general public. The response within the game was enthusiastic and they're hoping for the same results with the Nolan-themed movie night.

Movie Nite at Party Royale's Big Screen takes place tomorrow, Friday June 26th. The Christopher Nolan-themed event is described by the video game publisher and developer "as a test that will allow viewers to choose their participating country to see available showtimes." Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige will be shown in their entirety, allowing Fortnite players to interact and watch the movie at the same time. This current reality actually makes watching a movie within a video game sound like a lot of fun. Epic Games had this to say in a statement.

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"Navigating distribution rights for different countries and languages for full movies is challenging. As part of this first test, we wanted as many people to experience Movie Nite as possible. The film you'll be able to watch will depend on your country, and unfortunately we couldn't reach everyone with these screenings. We believe the idea of getting together with your friends and family at Party Royale to watch a movie is powerful and exciting, and we're looking at ways to increase global participation in the future."

For Fortnite players in the United States, it appears that Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige will all be available to watch during the event. However, they do not allow screen recording, so make sure you're not trying to live stream some content owned by Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. to your Twitch pals. While it may seem like a strange event, the concerts held within the game have proven to be a success for all parties involved.

Since we all can't head out to a real movie theater, the Fortnite experience seems like something a decent amount of players will get into. It's a chance to interact with friends while watching some great movies instead of killing each other or dancing, while maintaining safe social distancing at the same time. Plus, there might be a Tenet surprise stuffed in there at some point too, though that has not been confirmed.

As for Tenet, it is still on schedule to open up on July 31st, even as major movie theater chains remain closed all across the country. While a lot of people, including Christopher Nolan, want the movie to hit theaters this summer, it might end up getting moved to a later date as cases seem to be on the rise as opposed to going down. For now, we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can head over to Epic Games to see the screening times for Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige.