Marvel's X-Force has just joined Deadpool in Fortnite. The hugely successful video game has the classic Marvel characters available for a limited time, along with a special X-Force Deadpool skin, so get in there quick if you feel the need for more madness. While the X-Force movie seems to be on the backburner at Marvel Studios, Fortnite has brought the classic gang of misfits back for action. And from the looks of the trailer, the video game will never be the same again.

Time-traveling soldier Cable is obviously included in the Fortnite X-Force team and he is sporting a comic-accurate suit that Rob Liefeld designed. This is a far different look than what Marvel Comics fans saw on the big screen in Deadpool 2, so this should be a welcome return. As for Domino, she is taking inspiration from her current Marvel Comics look. Telepathic ninja Psylocke is wearing a full body suit that is very similar to the one she can be seen wearing in Uncanny X-Force.

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As for the Merc with a Mouth, he has been available in Fortnite for a few weeks now. However, he has a new X-Force skin which can be unlocked or purchased. Players need to gain experience points and tackle the weekly challenges in order to get a shot at getting the awesome gray suit to compete against others. This is a pretty good time for Fortnite and Marvel fans to be stuck indoors, though some of these challenges prove to be pretty difficult at times. Obviously, the game developers would rather a player just go ahead and purchase the X-Force Deadpool suit.

As for how much the X-Force Fortnite characters are going to cost, that depends on how one purchases them. Players can buy all three skins, plus "back bling" for all of them. The "back bling" includes a sword, guns and ammo, and Cable's apocalypse cape. This can all be purchased with the bundle price of 3,000 V-Bucks, or about $30. Purchased individually, they are 1,500 V-Bucks, or about $15, depending on the discounts in the V-Bucks store that are available. Basically, it's going to cost a bit of cash if you want to get in on that Marvel fun in Fortnite.

There's even more add-ons that can be purchased for the X-Force Fortnite team. The sky is the limit as long as you have the cash to keep pumping into the video game, which has earned the developer Epic Games a lot of money. It is believed they are making millions of dollars a month, which isn't too bad for a game that is initially free to play. Whatever the case may be, people need entertainment at the moment and Epic Games is providing it, so head over to Epic Games to get your hands on the X-Force skins. You can also check out the gameplay trailer below.