A new upcoming comedy has a new diverse foursome of actors. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Judy Greer, Chloe Sevigny, Cybill Shepherd and Billy Dee Williams have all signed on to Barry Munday.

Chris D'Arienzo will direct and adapted the script from Frank Turner Hollon's novel "Life Is a Strange Place." Patrick Wilson has already signed on to star as the title character. This dark comedy deals with Munday, a womanizer who gets attacked, loses his testicles and discovers that a brief fling with a woman (Greer) he can't remember has led to a paternity suit.

Sevigny will play the woman's flirtatious sister, who has a secret life and no compunctions about coming on to Munday. Shepherd will play their mother, and Williams is cast as the tough boss at Munday's insurance company.

The film will start shooting sometime in April in Los Angeles.