Batman Vs. Superman writer David S. Goyer is heading back to the small screen with another DC Comics property, as production gears up on Constantine. Already a 2005 feature film starring Keanu Reeves, its unclear how this new iteration will deviate from what has come before it. And story details are scarce. But four of the characters have been revealed from the pilot, written by Goyer alongside Daniel Cerone.

First up is, of course, the titular Hellblazer himself, John Constantine, a working-class magician, occult detective, and con man stationed in London known for his endless cynicism, deadpan snarking, ruthless cunning, and constant chain smoking, but he is also a passionate humanist driven by a heartfelt desire to do some good in his life. There are no further details on the character, or how he may be fashioned to fit the weekly television mold. While he was originated on screen by an American actor doing an American accent, fans hope Constantine will return to its roots, with a British actor taking the lead. There is no word on how old they are looking to cast the role.

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The second main character will be Chas, known in the comic books as John's longtime best friend Frank William 'Chas' Chandler, who first appeared in Hellblazer #1, upon which this property is based. The character is a taxi driver by trade, and often serves as the muscle to John's brain. He is a middle-aged man living in London, yet was played by a very young Shia LaBeouf in the feature film.

The second two characters are relative newcomers to this particular franchise, and as far as fan speculation goes, have been created solely for the pilot. Their names are Manny and Liv. No further details have been released, though there is speculation that Liv will be John's love interest. It is not known if these two characters are based on any of the existing Hellblazer comic books.

NBC is looking to have the pilot ready in time for the 2014/2015 fall season, which means production will likely start sometime in the very near future. We can expect to hear more details as the pilot moves closer to a start date. Expect to see some sort of casting announcement soon.