Universal Pictures has provided us with four clips and 19 new photos from Contraband, which debuts in theaters nationwide January 13. Click on the video players below to watch new scenes from this smuggling thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale. You can also click on any of the photos below to access our growing Contraband gallery.

<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> Photo #1

<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> Photo #2

<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> Photo #3

<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> Photo #4

<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> Photo #5

<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> photo 1
<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> photo 2
<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> photo 3
<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> photo 4
<strong><em>Contraband</em></strong> photo 5
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