Access Hollywood has posted a four-minute preview clip from next Monday's episode of NBC's Heroes.

In addition, the site is hosting a "Ask Your Favorite 'Hero' A Question" where your submitted question (to any of the below Heroes cast and crew) could make tonight's Access Hollywood show and will be posted on

- Jeph Loeb, Co-Executive Producer and Writer

- Angela Bromstad, President, NBC Universal Television Studio

- Tim Kring, Creator/Executive Produce

- Greg Grunberg, (Matt Parkmnan, the cop), Cast Member

- Masi Oka, (Hiro Nakamura, the time traveller), Cast Member

- Hayden Panettiere, (Claire Bennett, the cheerleader), Cast Member

- Sendhil Ramamurthy, (Mohinder Suresh, professor's son), Cast Member

CLICK HERE to check out the Heroes preview clip and submit your question