Walt Disney Animation Studios has released four concept art images from Paperman, the new animated short set to debut in front of Wreck-It Ralph in theaters November 2. Take a look at these illustrations, and read on for more information regarding this innovative short.

<strong><em>Paperman</em></strong> Concept Art #1
<strong><em>Paperman</em></strong> Concept Art #2
<strong><em>Paperman</em></strong> Concept Art #3
<strong><em>Paperman</em></strong> Concept Art #4

John Kahrs directs this tale, which utilizes a new technique that blends hand-drawn animation with CGI. The story follows a lonely man who meets the woman of his dreams during the morning commute. When he spots her in a skyscraper across the street, the desperate man tries to get her attention by throwing paper airplanes towards her building.