With just two weeks before the release of Carrie, the horror remake is still holding test screenings, where viewers are being shown four alternate endings and asked to vote on which one they liked best. Before we get into this spoiler-heavy territory, Screen Gems has also released the latest TV spot, featuring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore. Take a look, but be warned that everything below the video will contain heavy spoilers involving the blood-drenched climax, so read on at your own risk....

A Very Aware reader recently attended a test screening of the Carrie remake, directed by Kimberly Peirce, and revealed that the audience was shown four separate endings.

"Four different endings were shown to us. They said that there is a fifth but they held back from showing it so that they could have a surprise ending if test audiences really didn't like the others that were shown to us."
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Here is a description of all four endings, and which ones the audience preferred.

The first ending is very similar to the ending of the 1976 film but without the final twist: Sue Snell actually gets killed when Carrie pulls her into the ground. The second ending is an exact replica of the original film where Snell gets pulled into the ground by Carrie but wakes up in her bed to find it's just a dream. The third ending is described as a "morning after voiceover" by Snell as we see the town coping with what happened. Finally, the fourth ending shows the town the morning after Carrie's attack filled with news crews, reporters, and cops talking about the whole thing. What's bizarre about this scene is that Carrie's destruction of the city is being described as 'a conspiracy.' Apparently the town is 'trying to cover up what really happened.' Apparently the audience preferred the first two and 'weren't really into the other two at all.'

The screening also included multiple versions of the prom scene and bedroom scene, which the audience also voted on.

They showed us multiple versions of the prom scene and some other scenes . . . the scene in the trailer where you see her using her powers for the first time in her bedroom (floating the books) had a couple of versions.

The viewer also praised Julianne Moore's performance, along with the supporting cast, but didn't seem too impressed by Chloe Moretz as Carrie.

"Julianne Moore gives an award worthy performance. I really think she deserves to be nominated. (Chloe Moretz) isn't bad but they really gathered a realistic group of high school kids that she's surrounded by."

The anonymous source also revealed that the crucifixion scene in the remake is better than the 1976 original.

"It's definitely R-rated. They would have to do a lot of cutting if it wasn't 'R.' The crucifixion scene is actually better than what was in the original."