Four sculptures from Kansas City artists are going to be appearing in Watchmen, the upcoming film to be directed by Zack Snyder (Dawn Of The Dead, 300). The Kansas City Star reports that the pieces will be used as part of the set that serves as the home for Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup).

The pieces which Warner Bros. are leasing are 'Hemisphere' by Arlie Regier, 'Sphere' by his son Dave Regier, and 'Hyperbolic Hexagon II' and 'Atomic Flower' by Brent Collins. The artwork is being shipped to Vancouver, where filming is currently underway.

The sculptures created by the Regier family are composed of thousands of pieces of stainless steel. Arlie Regier, now 76, is a former metal shop teacher and has work on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Sculptor Brent Collins creates mathematically inspired patterns in wood, then casts them in bronze.

CLICK HERE to see a picture of 'Sphere'.