Artist Caitlin Craggs has released four alternative posters for the upcoming indie drama Short Term 12, debuting in New York and Los Angeles theaters August 23 from Cinedigm. Brie Larson stars as a social worker who must confront her own troubled past when a young girl arrives at her facility for at-risk teenagers. Take a look at these four one-sheets, along with a statement from the artist. You can also CLICK HERE to watch the trailer that debuted in June, in case you missed it.

Short Term 12 Alternate Poster 1
Short Term 12 Alternate Poster 2
Short Term 12 Alternate Poster 3
Short Term 12 Alternate Poster 4
"Set almost entirely on a nondescript, institutional campus, the magic of Short Term 12 lies in the transformative moments between characters- grimaces, jokes, hugs and tears. My hope was to capture the tumult and frustration, as well as the warmth and sense of community for those at ST12 through simple, almost child-like illustrations, alluding to the coming-of-age narratives that underpin the film."