Two international posters and two domestic posters for The Smurfs 2 showcase some of your favorite blue creatures from 2011's The Smurfs, along with a few new additions. The story centers around Gargamel (Hank Azaria) creating two Smurf-like beings of his own dubbed The Naughties (Christina Ricci and J.B. Smoove), who kidnap Smurfette (Katy Perry) to get the Smurf essence he needs to turn The Naughties into real Smurfs. Take a look at the contrasting styles in the domestic and international one-sheets from this animated sequel, directed by Raja Gosnell.

<strong><em>The Smurfs 2</em></strong> Poster 1

<strong><em>The Smurfs 2</em></strong> Poster 2

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<strong><em>The Smurfs 2</em></strong> Poster 3

<strong><em>The Smurfs 2</em></strong> Poster 4